White House Residence First Floor

created by Peter Sharkey Men's Room


The Floor of State

The first floor of the White House Residence is often called the "State Floor," because this is where formal receptions of state are held. This floor is at the same level as the second floor of the West Wing and the East Wing because the Residence sits on higher ground. This floor has 8 rooms, 1 main corridor, 1 entrance hall.

The ceilings are 18 feet high except for the Entrance Hall, where it is 19 feet high, and the East Room, where it is over 20 feet high.

The First Floor Mezzanine

Over the Butler's Pantry, Usher's Office, and first floor elevator lobby is a mezzanine (a partial floor level) that includes some small closets and another pantry for pastry cooking as well as the clock room.

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The first floor in an oblique drawing—
The mezzanine doors and floors are highlighted in yellow (larger image)


Historical floor plans of the first floor