White House Residence Sub-Basements

Basement Mezzanine in 1952 (created by Peter Sharkey)

Sub-Basement in 1952 (created by Peter Sharkey)


The Sub-Basements

The White House Sub-Basements are not original to the structure. They were dug during the Truman reconstruction in 1949, and staircases off the Center Hall on the east side were built in space formerly occupied by larger lavatories off the Library and Vermeil Room. A freight elevator was added to under the Grand Stairs.

The Sub-Basements contain much of the mechanical necessities of the White House. There is a full sub-basement and a basement mezzanine (partial floor). Certain spaces, including the Air Conditioning Room, Water Softener Room, Program Control Room, and Electrical Switching Room, are two stories high.


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