Flower Shop

The Flower Shop in 2008, showing a window at left (C-SPAN)

Fresh Flowers for the First Family

In the days before the 1902 renovation, the White House boasted of several conservatories on the west side, first installed in the 1850s. One of the major concerns with demolishing the glass houses to erect the first West Wing was the expense of providing flowers for the White House without extensive conservatories to grow them.

A small flower shop was eventually in the West Wing pavilion. But in 1969, when the swimming pool was covered to create the Press Briefing Room, the Flower Shop, along with the exercise room, were replaced with Press Corps Offices. The Flower Shop was moved to the basement under the North Portico.

Today, the flower shop purchases flowers in bulk and refrigerates them for use in state dinners and decoration all around the White House Residence.



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The Flower Shop in 2008 (C-SPAN)

The Flower Shop corridor in 2008 (C-SPAN)

The Flower Shop in 2008 (White House: Behind Closed Doors)

Flowers in the Flower Shop in 2006 (Spificwoman13)

The Flower Shop, circa 2005 (White House)

Visitors in the flower shop in 2004; note the window on the court (rita86)

Poland daisies in the Flower Shop circa 2002 (White House)

The Flower Shop circa 1998 (White House)

Pat Nixon in the flower shop in 1970 (National Archives)

Historical pictures of the old Flower Shop