Doctor’s Office and Clinic

President Obama gets a flu vaccination in an exam room in 2009 (White House - Pete Souza)

The Doctor Will See You Now, Mr. President

Because of the importance of the health of the president and his staff, offices and two examination rooms are provided for a White House medical doctor. The doctor's reception room is about 12 feet square. The doctor's office is about 14 1/2 feet by 12 feet. The exam rooms are 8 by 12 and 13 by 12.

For the first century of its life, this area was part of the servants' quarters. The doctor was used the billiards room (today's Map Room) for his occasional visits.


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The Doctor's Office in 1992 (HABS)

The Reception Room for the Doctor's Office, 1992 (HABS)

Oblique view of the Doctor's Office and clinic, 1992 (HABS)

The White House medic in her office in 1961 (Life)