Entrance Hall History

Grand Staircase in 1947 (Truman Library) and circa 2002 (White House)

Entrance Hall in 1992 (HABS)

Grand Stair in 1992 (HABS)

The stairs to the ground floor Center Hall, looking south (HABS)

George and Barbara Bush descend the Grand Staircase in 1992 with Boris Yeltsin and wife (NARA - Bush Library)

Grand Staircase circa 1991 (White House Historical Association)

The Marine Band in 1988 (Reagan Library)

Ronald Reagan takes his second presidential oath of office in 1985 (Reagan Library)

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana in 1985 (Reagan Library)

Peter Graves playing the clarinet with the Marine Band in 1976 (Ford Library)

Marty Allen dancing with Betty Ford, circa 1975 (Ford Library)

The Grand Stair in 1975 (White House Historical Association)

Prince Charles with Tricia Nixon in 1970 (Life)

Lyndon Johnson dances with Carol Channing in 1967 (Johnson Library)

Lyndon Johnson with Haile Selassie in 1967 (Johnson Library)

Luci Johnson on the occasion of her wedding in 1966

The Kennedys holding a judicial reception in 1963 (NARA - Robert Knudsen)

Partygoers in the stair landing leading to the East Room, 1958;
to the right are stairs down to the ground floor (Life)

The Entrance Hall in 1958 (Life)

The Entrance Hall with new Grand Stair in 1952 (Truman Library - Report of the CREM)

Grand Staircase, circa 1946 (Library of Congress - Theodor Horydczak)

The Entrance Hall before the Truman reconstruction in 1947 (Truman Library)

Top of the Grand Staircase in 1940 (Getty Images)

Eleanor Roosevelt on the old Grand Stair, circa 1937 (Library of Congress)

The Entrance Hall around 1930 (Library of Congress)

The old Grand Stair, circa 1919 (Library of Congress - Harris & Ewing)

Entrance Hall, circa 1912 (Library of Congress - Harris & Ewing)

Entrance Hall, circa 1910 (Library of Congress - Harris & Ewing)

Hand-tinted photo of the new Entrance Hall, circa 1904 (Library of Congress)

The Entrance Hall in late 1902, apparently before the Theodore Roosevelt restoration was complete (Library of Congress)

The 1902 demolition, looking northeast toward the original side stair

The "back stair" to the executive offices, circa 1894

The Entrance Hall, circa 1894, with Tiffany glass screens (Library of Congress)

The Entrance Hall, circa 1893, with Tiffany glass screens (Singleton - Story of the White House)

The Entrance Hall, circa 1889, with Tiffany glass screens (Singleton - Story of the White House | hi res version)

The Entrance Hall in 1882, with the new Tiffany glass screen
(White House Historical Association [Library of Congress] - Frances Benjamin Johnston)

The Entrance Hall in 1881, with the 1853 Walters screen

The Entrance Hall around 1856 (Corbis)