Pastry Kitchen

New Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses in 2007; notice the divided second floor window (ABC News)

Mezzanine Pantry

The Mezzanine Pantry, or Pastry Kitchen, is space that allows kitchen staff to prepare additional parts of meals and deliver them, via the dumbwaiters, elevator, and spiral staircase down through the Butler's Pantry to the State Dining Room or, via the elevator, up to Family Dining Room. The space was added in 1992-93.

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Staircase to the Pastry Kitchen in 2008 (History Channel)

Staircase to the Pastry Kitchen in 2008 (History Channel)

Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier preparing for a state dinner in 2001 (White House - Tina Hagar)

Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier around 2001 (Roland Mesnier)

Pantry in the mezzanine level, view to the south, 1992 (HABS)

Mezzanine Pantry view to the north, 1992 (HABS)

Pantry in the mezzanine level in 1965, looking south (Getty Images)

The first floor in an oblique drawing—
The mezzanine doors and floors are highlighted in yellow (larger image)