Bedroom 303

Bedroom 303 in 1992, looking east (HABS)


Bathroom in 1952 and 1992
(Truman Library and HABS)

North Bedroom

This is a bedroom on the third floor of the White House. It is a suite, with its own bathroom and a conection to the adjacent room. It is one of the largest bedrooms on the third floor, but owing to its orientation only has two windows.

Like the rooms across the hall, it was originally designed to be useful to a small family, which might use it as a master bedroom for parents, while the room next to it would be a bedroom for children, and the corner room (used today as a Workout Room) would a private sitting room or second child's bedroom. But it can also be used separately from the other rooms if necessary.


More Images

Bedroom 303 in 1992, looking northwest (HABS)

Bedroom 303 around 1985, looking west (White House Historical Association)

The room in 1960, prior to Kennedy renovation, looking northwest
(note the Dwight D Eisenhower blanket marked 1959) (Kennedy Library - Robert Knudsen)

The room in 1952, looking northwest (Truman Library)

Bedroom 303 in 1952, looking northwest (Truman Library)