Music Room

Music Room, circa 1997, looking south (Clinton Library)


Bill Clinton on the saxophone

Keep It Down, Mr. President

Hillary Clinton turned this unusual third floor room—which had been Jack Ford's bedroom during his father's administration—into a music for Bill Clinton in the 1990s for his birthday so he could play his saxophone. Prior to that, it was just a sitting room that allowed access to the promenade around the third floor, although it briefly served as a preschool room for John Kennedy, Jr. (while sister Caroline attended kindergarten in the Solarium).

The left (south) door on the west wall leads through a narrow arched hall to the Central Hall of the third floor. The right (north) door leads to a stair hall down to the second floor.

With its location at the eastern end of the Central Hall and insulated by the the air space of the Arch Hall and Stair Hall, the room was a perfect candidate for some additional sound-proofing to turn it into a practice room. It was also a convenient space for the President Clinton to show off the pieces of memorabilia that had been given to him by musicians or fans of music, such as the painting of the president playing the saxophone.


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Music Room, circa 1996, looking west

The room in 1992, looking southeast (HABS)

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