Horseshoe Pitch

Russian President Boris Yeltsin with the first President Bush in 1992 (Getty Images)

That's a Ringer, Mr. President

The first President Bush and Harry Truman enjoyed pitching horseshoes. Harry Truman created a horsehoe pitch just off the Oval Office, but it was removed later (probably for Eisenhower's putting green).

George HW Bush added a new one next to the Swimming Pool and even pursueded world leaders to toss a few horseshoes.

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George HW Bush introducing Queen Elizabeth II of England to horseshoes in 1991 (Getty Images - Tim Graham )

George HW Bush, around 1990 (NARA)

The first President Bush at the horseshoe pit

George Bush pitches horseshoes for the press in 1989 (Getty Images - Diana Walker)

President Truman with Admiral Nimitz and horseshoe pitching champion
Jimmy Risk at the old horseshoe pit in 1946 (Corbis - Bettmann)