Palm Room

The Palm Room in 2008, looking south (Architectural Digest)


Barney stands morning vigil at the Palm Room door in 2006
(White House - Paul Morse)

Gateway to the West Wing

The Palm Room stands betwen the White House ground floor and the West Wing. As the Visitors Foyer does on the East Wing side, it acts as a staging room for visitors and provides access for those going to and from the Rose Garden.

The Palm Room is furnished casually and is sometimes called the West Garden Room (as opposed to the East Garden Room in the East Wing). It features inspiring images of Liberty personified set into ovals in a simple white lattice reminiscent of a gazebo. A simple bench and potter's table, along with potted plants, give the room an informal feel that calls to mind the glass conservatory that stood in this location in the late-19th century.

More Images

The Palm Room in 2008, looking north (White House - Pete Souza)

The Palm Room in 2008, looking north (Ruawildeone)

Chief Usher Rochon greets visitors in 2008 (Daniel)

Preparations for a holiday party in 2007 (Time - Brooks Kraft)

Palm Room north side exterior getting a little paint in 2007 (Time - Chris Usher)

Palm Room dressed for Christmas, circa 2005 (White House)

Former astronaut Neil Armstrong gets advice from George W Bush's dog Barney in 2004 (White House)

The Palm Room in 1992 (HABS)

President George Bush with grandchildren in 1989 (Bush Library)

Ronald Reagan walking through, around 1986 (The Presidents)

Ronald Reagan walking through, around 1986 (The Presidents)

Lyndon Johnson reads a memo in the Palm Room in 1967 (National Archives)

JFK (and probably Eleanor Roosevelt) walking through the Palm Room in 1962 (Life)

Union on the west and Liberty on the east walls, by Constantini Brumidi, 1869, were once on the ceiling of the East Room.