West Wing Second Floor

Karen Hughes walking through a reception area, circa 2004

The Assistant Halls of Power

The second floor of the West Wing houses offices for the president's staff, including various assistants, speechwriters, and the White House counsel (the president's lawyer).

The occupants of this floor (and the first floor) are regularly updated in the Washington Post's "Inside the Real West Wing" and "Inside Obama's West Wing."

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President Barack Obama surprises members of the Office of the Staff Secretary in 2009 (White House - Pete Souza)

The president attends a health care meeting Phil Schiliro's office (legislative affairs) in 2009 (White House - Pete Souza)

Harriet Miers in the White House Counsel Office in 2005 (Corbis)

Karen Hughes approaching the stairway, circa 2004

Karl Rove meeting with staff, circa 2004

A small office, circa 2004

A shared office, circa 2004

Nixon Aide Donald Rumsfeld, around 1972, looking northwest (Life - Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Nixon Aide Donald Rumsfeld, around 1972, looking southwest (Life - Alfred Eisenstaedt)