Garden Room

Garden Room in 2008 at Christmastime (jorsulakDC)

The East Garden Room

The Garden Room (sometimes called the East Garden Room, to distinguish it from the Palm Room, which also sometimes called the Garden Room) is a corner room in the ground floor of the East Wing that provides access to the Jackie Kennedy Garden and other parts of the south lawn grounds. The area is separated only by columns from the East Colonnade corridor.

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Visitors write Christmas cards to servicemen and women in Garden Room in 2010 (White House - Samantha Appleton)

Garden Room in 2005 (Sspin55)

Garden Room at Christmastime in 2004

Garden Room at Christmastime in 2002

Garden Room at Christmastime in 1991 (Bush Library)

Garden Room in 1975 (White House Historical Association)